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Steps To Financial Fitness

 Review our steps to financial fitness video tour (2:25)

1.0 Watch Daily Finance News & Take Notes: Visit our site regularly and watch the latest personal finance news and videos. Take notes of the tips and strategies discussed. You will need them for reference later. Don't be overwhelmed, only focus on what matters to you most.

3.0 Apply Tips With Expert Help & Make New Money: Act now by applying the strategies that fit your situation. Do it yourself or use the step-by-step help of our Verified Financial Experts. The gist of your plan should be to use your current skills to make new money and manage it efficiently.

2.0 Research Tips/Strategies: Research the tips and strategies by using the links to these leading financial sites. Visit these sites for the latest on personal finance. We put in one place, at your finger tips, the best information you need to implement your financial plan.

4.0 Give Feedback, Donate & Share: Finally, give us your feedback. We would like to know which strategies worked best for you. Share your experiences about our site with your friends and relatives. We appreciate your donations to help us provide the best information.

Make New Money & Manage It

An personal finance plan could be as simple as making new money and managing it efficiently.

  a)  Know your skills, talents, abilities and interests.

  b)  Use your skills, talents, abilities and interests to make new money.

  c)  Save and manage your money efficiently.

Why, because money answers all things - Ecclesiastes 10:19. We believe that if anyone follow these steps all their financial needs will be met. Below are some resources to get you started making new money.

 vid 1. Loral Langemeier - The Millionaire Maker

 vid 2. Best Work-at-Home Careers

 art 1. The Top 25 Home-Based Business Ideas

 art 2. Best home based business ideas to make money online

 art 3. Starting & Managing a Business (Series)

 art 4. Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business at Home